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December 21, 2019

As the colder months descend, the nights draw in, the holiday's approach and the threat of catching the dreaded lurgy haunts us like the ghost of Christmas ruin. With so much to do at a notoriously busy time of year, few people would say they could afford to get ill. Keeping fit and healthy is essential for powering you through the darker end of the year. Boosting your immune system with the right dietary supplements will keep you feeling strong even when you get trapped on a busy bus bombarded by an orchestra of coughing and spluttering. In combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise, Supplement By Design’s Winter Immunity Boosters will carry you through till spring!

First up, Cod Liver Oil Capsules are packed full of Omega 3’s which have been shown to reduce inflammation and enhance the function of cells involved in the fighting of unwanted bacteria or viruses. Specifically, a high dose of Omega-3 Fish Oil has been found to enhance the activity of white blood cells which gives you more direct power to fight illness and disease! Taking a high dose of fish oil supplement daily with food, will boost your brainpower as well as being great for overall health and wellbeing.  

For a vegan option, Matcha Green Tea Capsules have been utilized by the Japanese for hundreds of years due to their powerful antioxidant content. Recent research has found in particular, the antioxidant; Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) assists the body’s production of T-cells which enable your immune system to fight illness or disease. Take 1-2 capsules daily with water to help detoxify your system and boost your immune function for long- and short-term effects.  

Finally, Nature’s Vitamin C Capsules are a well-established immunity-boosting addition to your daily diet this winter. With potent antioxidant properties and as an enabler for a family of gene regulatory enzymes, Vitamin C aids cellular function helping to fight pathogens which lead to illness. Vitamin C has also been shown to protect white blood cells from oxidative stress[5] which leads to cell damage. Taking a high dose of Vitamin C is a sure-fire way to help fight illness, so, 1-3 supplements daily with food and water can keep you feeling strong.

Not only will dietary supplements help protect you from the dreaded lurgy, but by just adding a daily capsule to your normal routine, you can feel healthy and strong all winter. Choose one of the above to keep you going or for optimum results, choose all three!


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