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Delivery Information

Free Delivery On All Orders in the UK!

Any orders using a UK delivery address will receive free shipping by either 1st or 2nd class delivery depending on the value of the purchase.

At Supplements by Design, we ship orders Monday to Friday to ensure speedy delivery and efficient service. If you place an order before 1 pm (Monday to Friday), we will ship it the same day! All orders will be shipped within two working days of order confirmation.

Dispatch Times

At Supplements by Design, we provide a pick and pack service every day from Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays). We have high standards of stock management which means your goods will usually be available and ready for dispatch the same day (if ordered by 1 pm). Orders placed after 1 pm will be shipped the next working day. In the unlikely event that an order is not shipped within two working days, the order will be eligible for a shipping refund as per our service guarantee.

In the highly unlikely event of a temporary stock shortage (due to circumstances out of our control), we guarantee to dispatch your goods within 14 days, or we will issue a full refund.

Delivery Times

We aim to ship orders as quickly as possible, but once the item has left our dispatch team, delivery is literally out of our hands. We provide the delivery times a guide only; estimates provided by the mail carrier for which we cannot be responsible. If you would prefer delivery times with additional garuntee, UK Courier and Special Delivery is available upon request. While we are sorry for any inconvenience caused by delivery delays, we cannot take responsibility unless our dispatch team caused the delay.

While You Were Out

If you are not home when the first delivery attempt is made, the delivery service should leave a 'While You Were Out' card providing details on how to arrange a re-delivery or collect your order from a local delivery point.

Please ensure that you make arrangements to receive your order as soon as possible after the first delivery attempt. Most delivery offices will retain standard delivery items for around three weeks, however, recorded delivery items are only retained for one week. After this time the order will be returned to the sender; Supplements By Design and will have to be re-shipped at a later date (email from buyer required).

We cannot take responsibility for delays caused by issues with collection. In the event of an item being returned to us, we will re-ship as soon as possible, however, please note this may cause a resultant delay.

** Occasionally delivery is attempted without leaving a card. If your order has not arrived, it may be a good idea to check with your local delivery office to check if they are holding it for you.

Checking order status

It is important to provide us with a valid email address when you make your order. You will be provided with two emails;

The first will confirm that your order has been received and will contain your receipt of purchase; this email should arrive within approximately 24 hours from the time you made your order.

The second gives confirmation of dispatch (including any tracking information). This email should arrive within approximately one business day following authorization of payment and verification of your data.

If your order appears late, remember:

  • Payment using credit or debit card may require approval. This must be received before processing.
  • Orders placed after 1 pm GMT will be processed the following day.
  • Next day delivery only occurs on business working days (Mondays through Friday, excluding holidays).
  • Mail delays may happen which are out of our control. Please be patient and seek advice from your local delivery service if you have any issues.
  • Occasionally delivery may be attempted, and a card is not left. If your order has not arrived, please check with your local delivery office.

Lost Mail

In the rare occurrence that an order is lost in the mail, we will either replace or refund the items following confirmation from the delivery service that the order is lost. Protocol regarding the time which must elapse before an item is considered lost may vary depending on the delivery service used. For inland mail, this is usually 15 working days from the delivery due date, and for overseas mail; 25 working days.

Lost Mail Due to Incorrect Address

When placing an order with Supplement By Design, please take care to enter a full and correct address for delivery. In the event of lost mail due to incorrect address, we will not be able to offer a refund.

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure that they have researched rules and regulation regarding the importing of supplements to countries outside of the UK.

If your local Customs Department return your order to us, either because you did not have permission to import such supplements, or because such supplements are banned in your country, we will only refund your order, however, will deduct the shipping costs incurred by Supplements By Design.

Important Notice: In rare instances it has been known for customs to confiscate shipments containing locally prohibited items to stop them from entering into their respective countries. In the event of your purchase being confiscated, Supplements By Design accepts no financial responsibility, and will not offer any refund or compensation for your order.

Christmas Delivery

We will be shipping orders as usual up until Friday, 20th December. We will also be shipping the Friday of the following week; December 27th. A full and reliable service will resume January 2nd 2019.

The Royal Mail recommends posting for Christmas delivery in the UK 2019 by
Tuesday, December 17th for second class mail at the latest.

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