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Disposable Medical Latex-Free Black Nitrile Gloves, Powder Free, Latex Free, UK

✅The high-quality nitrile synthetic rubber offers softness and comfort, that is easy to put on with a smooth finish for a perfect fit.

✅Textured fingertips provide extra grip, to prevent the risk of dropping equipment or slipping when using fragile objects, even when working with liquids and screens.

Each disposable glove has been designed for durability to protect the hand from a wide array of chemical hazards, solvents and oils, as well as to reduce the risk of contamination from skin contact to ensure the highest levels of hygiene.

A powder-free coating on the inner surface of each glove ensures that the gloves are secure from any potential dust contamination.

Added strength and protection at the cuff prevents the glove from being damaged easily when being put on and offers reliable protection at the weakest point.

✅Available sizes – Medium.

Latex-free 100 disposable gloves per pack.

✅Latex-Free ✅CE Certified ✅Medical Grade ✅UK Dispatch

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