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Japanese Matcha Green Tea Capsules 500mg

Supplements by Design Japanese Matcha Green Tea Capsules - Organic Food Supplement for Vegan or Vegetarian Diet.

Japanese Matcha Green Tea is a Rich Source of Antioxidants Helping to Protect All Your Essential Organs!


Why Choose Japanese Matcha Green Tea? 

✓ HIGH IN ANTIOXIDANTS - Matcha Green Tea capsules are rich in catechins; natural antioxidants which help reduce the damage caused to your body by oxidative stress.

✓ PROTECTS YOUR LIVER - Matcha Green Tea capsules have been shown to reduce the production of enzymes involved in liver damage subsequently boosting overall liver health and function.

✓ IMPROVES BRAIN FUNCTION - Researchers have found Matcha Green Tea capsules to be linked to improvements in attention and memory compared to a placebo.

✓ MAY PROTECT AGAINST CANCER - Preliminary studies have suggested that the catechins found in Matcha Green Tea capsules may help prevent certain types of cancer.

✓ GOOD FOR HEART HEALTH - Matcha Green Tea capsules have been shown to reduce the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body, therefore supporting good heart health.


More About Japanese Matcha Green Tea Capsules

Unlike other teas, Matcha Green Tea contains the entire leaf and bud of the Camellia sinensis plant (the species used to make green tea, black tea, oolong tea, and white tea). During the cultivation of matcha, the plant is shade-grown for several weeks before harvest. By covering the tea plant, the farmers are able to boost the production of chlorophyll and the amino acid content. Once picked, the stems and veins are removed and the leaves are ground into a fine powder. 

Matcha tea is great for weight loss as it provides nutritional value which helps maintain your body's optimum performance. Supplement by Design is the best Matcha Tea UK for amazing results helping you to stay fit and healthy.

Need more information? Check out these features of our Japanese Matcha Green Tea Capsules 500mg:

👍 Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

👍 Made in the UK and produced following GMP code of practice

👍 Letterbox-friendly packaging

👍 60 capsules per bottle

Help Boost Your All-Round Health and Well-being and add the Supplements by Design Japanese Matcha Green Tea Capsules 500mg to your basket NOW!




Directions: Adults: 1-2 capsules with food and water. Do not exceed recommended dose. 

Product Information:

1 capsule contains:
500mg Matcha Green Tea


  • Matcha Green Tea Leaf & Bud
  • Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose.

Allergy Advice:Although there is protocol in place to protect against cross-contamination, this product is manufactured in a facility which also handles materials such as nuts, seeds, milk, egg, cereals, soya, mustard, celery, fish, crustaceans and sulphites.

Cautions: Always consult your doctor before taking nutritional supplements particularly if you have been prescribed medication. Store in a cool dry place. Not suitable for children.


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